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According to its unique style, the aluminum magnesium manganese alloy roof panel is equipped with special anti-fall and anti-slide system.


System components roof fixed bearing aluminum clip, stainless steel rope and etc. Those safety facilities can ensure the follow-up maintenance of the roof


  • Fixed on the aluminum magnesium manganese alloy roof panel, needed no perforation, and without scraping paint phenomenon.

  • The anti-fall equipments combine with roof panel and form vibration-absorption system, which prevents the occurrence of the accidents and improves the safety.

  • Quick installation, 2-3 workers horizontal and vertical construction safety can l guaranteed in each block.

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1.     Fixing mode of roof panel

As to the conventional profiled steel plate roof panel, its outdated failing way determines its insufficient wind resistance property, for Instance, the roof panel fixed with screws, the contact area between screw cap and roof panel is small, when encounters strong wind, due to repeated positive and negative wind pressure, roof panel generates concentrated stress on the nail holes and is broken, although the screws remain on the purlin hangers the roof panel has been blown away. The fixing mode of roof panel system of this program is basically different it is fixed through cast aluminum alloy fixed bearing and purlin hanger the roof panel is wedged on the plum head of the bearing, and then the electric sewing machine is used to lock the panel ribs on the fixed bearing, such fixing mode needs no penetrating of the panel so it won’t damage the roof panet certainly the concentrated stress may also be generated.

This system has been conducted anti-wind test in domestic authoritative testing organization in the test with 7. 0 KPa repeated load, and the specimen (including rool panel, fixed bearing, and screw) has no damage, which demonstrates the excellent anti-wind property of this roof system.

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Stainless steel typhoon fastener

Stainless steel typhoon fastener (Slidably)

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Cornice is equipped with clips and full-length aluminium square  tube

2.     Calculation parameters

Protiled aluminum plate belongs to the plate shaped load-bearing member its destroy state influenced by several factors including strength, rigidity, as well as the stability and connection reliability, therefore its section parameters can’t be calculated though the pure theory. Generally the regular manufacturer invests large amount of capitals and man powers to conduct numerous different span loaded test against the various specifications of their produced plates, and then conducts statistical analysis against the test data, so as to obtain the section parameters conforming to the actual load-bearing mode which shall be regarded as calculation basis, furthermore all tests and data shall submit to the authority for approval.


3.     Accessories selection 

In order to ensure the safety of roof panel system, this program’s accessories selection, especially the load bearing member selection constantly strives for perfection. Is the fixed screws of fixed bearing select the high-quality seit tapping screw. it can avoid long term corrosion caused connection which further threatens the safety of roof panel system. In addition the system applied self-tapping screws belong to high quality brand products among similar screws and have higher reliability.


4.     Purlin refined design

in order to ensure the anti wind-property of the roof panel structure, the wind-pressure sensitive parts of the roof panel system like gutter, roof, cornice have been conducted purlin refined design.


According to the provisions of Clause 5.2.7 of Design Code for Protection of Structures against Lightning (GB50057-2010). in addition to the first-class building by protection against lightning, the buildings with metal roof shall use its roof as the flash connector, but the following requirements shall be met


  • The panel connection shall adopt eternal electric perforation, for instance, adopt copper-zinc alloy welding, fusion welding, crimping, splice, screw or bolt connecting.

  • If there are no flammable materials under the metal plates, the thickness of aluminum plate shall be no less than 2mm, while the thickness of stainless steel plate, hot-galvanized steel plate, and titanium and copper plate shall be no less than 0.5mm, the lead plate thickness shall be no less than 0.65mm, and the casting plate thickness shall be no less than 0.7mm.

  • If there are flammable materials under metal plates, the thickness of stainless steel plate, hot-galvanized steel plate, and titanium plate shall be no less than 4mm, the thickness of copper plate shall be no less than 5mm, and the thickness of lead plate shall be no less than 7mm.

  • Metal plates have no insulation coating layer, Our applied aluminum magnesium manganese alloy roof panel meets all conditions above; therefore, the roof panel can act as the flash connector, so as to make the roof panel tidy and beautiful. 


Lightning deflectors adopt flat aluminum connecting bearing with main purlin, the potential connection can be realized through main purlin and steel structure. It is showed in the Lightning Deflectors Drawing.

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